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28 May 2017, Big damage @ Icova

As prefered photographer for Icova I got entrance to the site and saw a lot of damage

brand Icova dag 2

4 trucks distroyed and this part of the warehouse is burned competlybrand Icova dag 2

Fireman having a small lunchbreakbrand Icova dag 2

This warehouse is roofless nowbrand Icova dag 2

Special vehicle firebrigade (“You do not think I’m going to walk such large distances all day”)

27 May 2017, Zeer grote brand Westpoort

Brand Westpoort bij Icova

Brand Icova gezien vanaf de Hemkade/Pontplein Zaandam

blusponton Cerberus onderweg naar brandweer bij Icova

Blusponton Cerberus onderweg naar brandweer bij Icova (pompt 38.000 liter per minuut)

23 May 2017, de stad kleurt rood-wit

Adam roodwit

Ook ADAM kleurt Rood-wit voor Ajax!roodwitte banners