* My cams & acc.

2020: Several accessories are attached to my bag. (Batteries & Memcards)
New wristband (easier to put on) Also: Wrapped my cam & lens in Camo

2019: Several accessories are attached to my bag,
I’m still losing the eyecups from the Sony Alpha


2018: Several accessories are attached to my bag like batteries, a sandbag to stabalize, eyecups (I still keep losing them) and wristsbands.


May 2017, A new Panasonic Lumix TZ-80
My former pocketcam (Lumix TZ-40) was dead-finished-broken, so I had to replace it with another small but powerfull beauty, the Lumix TZ-80.


December 2016, A new lens for my cam.
I’ve got a new lens: 24-240 mm the one I always wanted to have.


December 2015, The Sony Alpha A7 II
This Sony full-frame Systemcamera, still with the kitlens 28-70 OSS, is so nice!
I’m saving money for a new lens but this one but for now it will do.
A lot of programbuttons at the body and 5-axis stabilisation.
Also a new -pocketsize- flashlight, also Sony, a monopod, 2 extra accu’s and a 2 new shoulderbags (Rollei & Tenba).
I’m going to use the Sony Flash HVL-F58AM at this camera too for portraitseries.


June 2008, a new DSLR:
The best of both worlds now! A DSLR with digital cam feature. See what you shoot live at the screen!
Even more Mpix as my former Alpha 100: 14.2 Mpix!! Complete with the Sony 18/70 lens.

Specs: Click here for more information about this camera

🙂 I’m happy again! 🙂
Extra: Tamron lens: 70/300.
Dec 2008: Sony Flash HVL-F58AM
June 2009: New Tamron lens; 55/200
Nov 2009: Flash Diffuser for the HVL-F58AM
Jan 2010: Extra Accu (NP-FM500H) for the cam
June 2010: New bag, I love this one!
November 2010: Tripod for stills
Februari 2011: Extra batterypacks
March 2012: New shoulderbag
October 2012: Powergrip
NEW! April 2013: Extra batterypack, Extra Memcard (16 Gb!)

**May 2013**: Update! I replaced my pocketcam ‘Panasonic Lumix TZ30’ for a Lumix TZ40.
Specs: 20x optical zoom, 18.1 Megapixel, WIFI, remote control with my cell-phone :), GPS and touchscreen!
Max. photo res.: 4896×3672 px (18.1 megapixels) Video: HD: 1920×1080 pix 50 fps; HISpeed: 1280×720 pix 100 fps.
Panasonic Lumix TZ40
**October 2012**: A videocam is in the bag now: Panasonic HX-WA2.
Don’t know what to do with it but ‘waterproof’… I like that! My Youtube Channel is open now!

Panasonic HX-WA2

**July 2012**: I replaced my Lumix TZ8 for a TZ30. Great cam! with GPS and touchscreen!
July 2011: New Camera for concerts & shows

Since you’re not allowed to take DSLR’s to any concert I had to buy an ‘instant’ camera 🙂 for these events.
The ‘old Olympus SP-590-UZ’ died far to early unfortunally…

So: a brandnew Olympus SP-610 UZ (14 Mpix) with wide lens (24mm) and 22x optical zoom, 3D-shots and HD(!)-movie facillities.
Nice handy cam, but it’s battery operated.
Great photos, though, I took pics @ the Take That concert (18/july/2011) at the Amsterdam Arena with brilliant result!

October 2010: New Compact Cam.
I’ve replaced my Panasonic DC-TZ6 Lumix for a Panasonic DMC-TMZ8 Lumix compact cam with 12 x optical zoom (14.2 MPix), He is almost equal and with the same specs for the DMC-TZ6.
July 2009: EXTRA Compact Cam.
I have a Panasonic DMC-TZ6 Lumix compact camera with 12 x optical zoom (10.1 MPix) now. This camera is so small (and good) I can take it with me to concerts and other places where my Sony DLSR is not allowed! It’s a handy and quick starting compact camera, not a professional one… I tried a Canon compact cam with almost the same specs before I bought this one but I didn’t like it so I returned it and got this one.
This one is with a 25 mm wide angel lens, also good for close-up and portrait.
Photo-quality and colors are excellent, even this is a compact cam!
Price vs. Quality = A-level!

My former cams:
October 2007: The Sony DLSR A100 (Alpha) with the 18/70 lenskit & Tamrom 55/200.


My first cam for Photodam:
I still got this one in my collection, I just can’t say ‘goodbye’…. 😉


Click here for more information about this camera




Flash Sony HVL-F32X, 2 x Accu NP-FM50


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  1. I have had several digital cameras, and this is my first dslr. I love taking pictures with it, especially action shots. Super fast auto focus, choices of programs etc. are found on lots of dslr’s. The reason I bought this one is that it accepts Minolta af lenses and the anti-shake technology is in the camera and not in the lens. This makes additional lenses much more affordable.

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