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At this page you can contact me for more information about Amsterdam.

Maybe it’s just because I’m born and raised in the big city, maybe it’s because of the variety of people living there, maybe it’s just because the strange habits, maybe it’s because of the things to do, to see or just to have the possibility of ‘experience Amsterdam’ in all his brilliance.

Enjoy surfing this website, my information is free to use and could be valuable if you are planning to visit Amsterdam. If you want to see my view of Amsterdam, visit my website often please. My Photo-blog is frequently updated with all kind of pictures taken in or around ‘Amsterdam’ with all his tourists or locals. :))

If you like my pictures and you want to have one just email me the date and name of the picture and I will send you the original picture by email. The old pictures at my weblog are just 495 pixels wide and the new ones only 800 pixels wide, this is the size of a stamp and that’s not what you want to have as a print of a photo… Commercial use is probihited. If you want to use my photo’s for commercial use you have to pay me a fee.

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