03 May 2013, Jordino

Mmmmmm….., time for a delicious Italian Icecream @ Jordino, Haarlemmerdijk!



Klik om te vergroten - Click to enlarge
Klik om te vergroten – Click to enlarge

Cruisecastel ‘Europe 2’ (left), at her maiden call, leaves and will return om May 13.
Cruisecastel ‘Deutschland’ (right) comes in for a overnight stay.

And Cruisecastel ‘Mein Schiff’ (maiden call), the big blue one in the back,  was already at the PTA.
This really big cruiseship will leave at midnight and will return on May 10.
This morning the ‘AIDALuna’ left the Passengers Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) after an overnight stay.

This month 20 See-Cruiseships will dock in Amsterdam.
Click here for the Cruisecalender

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