20-01-2008 Redlights Fashion

Several ‘rooms’ & ‘windows’ at the Red Light District are closed down since jan, 1st due a decree from the mayor at the town hall.
To avoid open spaces at the ‘Amsterdam Walletjes’ young fashiondesigners have their ateliers here now for one year to show their work and clothes.

The sexclub Yab Yum is also closed and as it seems, the Casa Roso and Bananenber has to close too. The Red Light activities will never be the same again in Amsterdam 🙁
In the Warmoesstreet and more streets in the citycentre several coffeeshops have to close down, all other sexactivities, like the sexshops, will be investigated.
Strange, because over 75% of the tourists who visit Amsterdam for a short break visit the Red Light District and have a ‘smoke’.

More pics at the special Bye Bye RLD page (click!)

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  1. Rachel

    What the hell?! I CAN NOT believe they shut down. Do you know what the chance of them opening back up? Besides the beautiful/unique buildings and the canal that IS the reason I wanted to tour Amsterdam. Please keep me updated. By the way, I have been a fan for a couple years now. Please, keep the photo weblog going.

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