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My webspace is extended, I can put on more pictures – live from Amsterdam – now. I will update the site asap with all the photo’s you’ve missed the last couple of month’s. Please come back soon & frequently and enjoy this beautiful city at my photoblog.

Nice to see you have found my -renewed- free information photoblog about Amsterdam! Why can you use this site for free? Well…

I’ll just LOVE Amsterdam & love to show this to you

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Why? Maybe it’s just because I’m born and raised in the big city, maybe it’s because of the variety of people living there, maybe it’s just because the strange habits, maybe it’s because of the things to do, to see or just to have the possibility of ‘experience Amsterdam’ in all his brilliance.
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Don’t forget to see the A’DAM Lookout, the highest attraction of Amsterdam, just across the Central Station. Be a daredevil and swing over the edge @ 100 mtr high at the A’DAM Lookout!

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BTW; I try to upload pics daily but my time to do so is limited, so stay tuned!
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